Sixteen of our year 13 girls experienced all aspects of Wellington on our recent leadership trip.

Highlights (other than the stunning windless and sunny weather) included two hours of service at the Wellington City Mission sorting “Soap for Society”, consisting of hygiene product donations from the public to aid those in need.

A visit to Parliament alongside our BoT chair Andrew Judd who also shared his leadership journey, then on to the National Library to see the Suffrage Petition and Te Tiriti o Waitangi, a visit to Pukeahu and laying a wreath during the Last Post Ceremony at 5pm, a live theatre performance at Circa Theatre, dinner at Asian fusion restaurant Monsoon Poon, an impromptu recital on an outdoors out of tune piano and then Te Papa and /or Tertiary Open day visits plus some retail therapy saw three action packed days and an opportunity to think deeply about our possible contributions back as future leaders.