Enrolment process

Your Taranaki Diocesan Enrolment Journey

At Taranaki Dio we have a limited number of places available each year. This number is set by our integration agreement. We currently have vacancies at various year levels. Please contact the enrolments officer on 06 765 5333 if you are interested in a place.

Step One

Apply Online

The first part of this process is to fill out the pre-enrolment form below and send it back to our school. Your application will be acknowledged by email, you will be placed on our mailing list to invite you to events such as open days and you will be contacted in the year prior to your daughter’s proposed enrolment.

Step Two


In the year prior to enrolment your daughter and her caregivers will be invited to attend an interview. You will be asked to bring her latest school report and her birth certificate. You will also have the opportunity to have a tour of the day school and the boarding facilities and to ask any questions about the enrolment process and general life of the school.

Step Three


You will receive a letter of acceptance from the school confirming whether your daughter will be a day girl or boarder in the following year. You can then begin planning her next exciting learning journey and will be supported by Sandra Collins our enrolment officer with all of the paperwork and uniform requirements. If your daughter will be a Year 9 on enrolment we will also supply details of the new girls sleepover in late November.

Application for Admission

  • I request that my daughter
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  • Be considered for admission to Taranaki Dio as a:
  • Proposed Year of Entry to Taranaki Dio
  • Background information
  • Previous family/connections with Taranaki Dio (St Mary’s Diocesan)
  • If family member is a Taranaki Dio (St Mary’s Diocesan) Old Girl
  • Mother or Caregiver’s Name and Details
  • Father or Caregiver’s Name and Details
  • Student’s home is with: (click as appropriate)
  • How did you hear about Taranaki Dio: (click all that apply)